The great abolitionist Harriet Tubman risked her life and freedom as she traversed the Canadian-U.S. border more than a dozen times to free family and friends from the terrors of slavery. When asked how she summoned the courage to keep going, she said: “If I be free, they be free.”

Wow, what a woman!  I am free to live the life I choose. You are free to live the life you choose. But, if we come together to speak out against the travesty of modern-day slavery, human trafficking, we might see the day where “they be free,” – with “they” being the thousands of children who are being coerced and forced into the sex trade. Sign up now to join us in Tallahassee on April 13 as we stand together on their behalf at the Historic Capitol for the 2017 Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day.

You and I don’t have to face danger and peril, just inconvenience, as we gather together in one accord to cry out for the freedom of the souls who are held captive by the manipulative predators engaged in human trafficking.

Life is hectic, no doubt, but would you pray earnestly about putting life on hold for just a few hours on April 13 so that you can stand with us before the Florida Legislature and the media to make known the love and care you have for those held captive by trafficking? It’s worth it if just one victim sees the march to the Capitol and thinks, “there is hope, someone cares about me.” Now that’s a day well spent.

In John 8:32 Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” But those held in slavery cannot know the truth unless we can get that truth to them – the truth that they are loved by a personal God and cared for by men and women who pray for their release. We must assure them there is hope for restoration and that there is hope for a different life, one of freedom and purpose.

Join us on April 13th in Tallahassee for Anti-Trafficking Rally at the Capitol!