Diane-Strack-photoAt 17 my life was miraculously changed when I opened my heart to the Christ I had read about but never known personally, and the adventures have not stopped yet.  I live in awe of the heart of God; the joy with which He loves us; the honor He has given to women; and the opportunity to join Him in grand adventures.   Believing that even the smallest event can cross us from the ordinary into  the miraculous, I greet each new day with anticipation.   And with every woman I meet I ask, “What can we do to change the world?” For more about me, check out the Adventures Page!

Board of Directors: Onepurse.org    theporchlight.org assisting in restoration of minors rescued by law enforcement from sex trafficking

Co-Founder studentleadership.net – The premier leadership and worldview training for students aged 14 to 22.  www.slulead.com 

Founder New Start for Single Moms, a mentoring program to build healthy families and move women forward into hope and healing.

I am a Florida girl who can’t get enough of sun, sand, water, and family.  The orange, lemon, and fig trees in my back yard frame a constant parade of funny looking cranes, water birds, occasional alligators (a 10 footer once!), otters, ducks, gulls, pelicans, a variety of birds, and even a majestic eagle or two.  Nightly sunsets, hand painted by the Creator for me (I truly believe this), scroll across the sky in ribbons of vibrant pink, orange and purple as they reflect the glory of God in the lake.  I am overwhelmed by this every day.  Love all of it!  Fresh juice and fresh inspiration just outside my window.  Mother of 2 and Gran-D to 3, I am still madly in love with my teen sweetheart.  The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie, and I will always cherish the memory of watching it with my Dad for the first time.   I own every autograph from the movie’s major stars and a pair of Dorothy’s shoes!  I believe with all my being that there really is “no place like home.”