Lessons on Life from Saving Mr. Banks  

“Saving Mr Banks” is a wonderful movie for many reasons.   For me, the great take away was the  reminder that underneath the laughter, there is often a backstory of pain.   Journalists felt that we all needed to know “the truth” about P. L. Travers and were quick to write of lesbian love triangles and sordid love affairs.   Do we care about these at all?  I think not.

If truth is truly what they were after, then they should have paid very close attention to the story line.  Within it is a truth for the ages – that people have personal pain; and it is essential to process that pain in order to find healing of the heart.  Without doing so, we can never live the abundant life that our Creator intended for us to live and that Jesus came to earth to offer.

The grumpy author, P. L. Travers, refuses to open up emotionally in the movie, but the glimpses of her childhood in an unstable home show us why.   And then there is Mr. Disney, the designer of “The Happiest Place on Earth,” a man hailed for his creativity, tenacity, and sheer audacity to succeed in the face of poverty.    We are allowed a brief glimpse inside his childhood, just short enough to get the gist of his childhood pain; just long enough to understand why making others happy was so important to him; and with enough clarity to reveal why he never gave up on his dreams.

Healing emotional pain is not only necessary; it is the plan of God for every life.   Jesus came to offer Himself so that we might receive the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:16); and through His “stripes” be made whole.  (Isa 53:5, 1 Pet 2:24)But thinking patterns have to be corrected before we can move forward into wholeness.


  • FOCUS on the Facts:   God is on my side.  (Jer 29:11,12)

I can choose the kind of person I will become

  • FACE your Feelings:  Ask, “WHY am I angry, hurt, ashamed, or disappointed?”

“What positive emotions do I want to fill my life with?”

  • FEED your Faith:        A changed heart is possible because salvation is the chance to

live again.   Believe God is Who He says He is; the unconditional lover of   my soul; all-powerful; sovereign.  Rehearse what He has already done and praise Him for it.

  • FORGIVE your Foes:  Forgiveness sets me free to experience joy, peace, and  contentment.

Forgiveness is a choice; one that Jesus made from the beginning.

Adapted from Healing Emotional Pain© Diane Strack 2014

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