Secrets of the Virgin Mary  Diane Strack © 2016

 PROLOGUE    I will never forget that Mother gave her life to save mine, but oh, how I needed her in those hours. She could have taught me about the way of birth pangs and what to do. Would she know how to raise the Son of God?   Surely no one could know this.

Father shook when I told him of the angel’s announcement of me as the virgin of Isaiah’s scroll. “I thought it might be so, but I could not dare voice it aloud,” he said. “You recited Isaiah’s promise right here in the kitchen when you were only three.” Wringing his hands, he added, “What I do not know is how to protect you from being stoned by the villagers.”

The excitement of the angel’s announcement fought against the agony of reality as Father bowed to the ground and wept.   Panic started to have its way with me,  but a bolt of courage intervened. “No!” I declared.  “We cannot give in to this despair. The message is true and the promises are sure.”   I consciously separated myself from Father’s fear by standing up as he continued weeping on the floor.   “Abba,” I tried to console him, “The angel said, ‘Do not fear.’ We have to believe this is the plan of Hashem. It is written in Isaiah; and, if it is written, then it is to be.”

As his daughter, I wanted to sit down and cry with him, but as a woman chosen by Adonai, I knew I must not.   Finally he rose, took my hands in his and held them to my cheeks in a sweet gesture as he murmured through tears, “We have to tell Joseph.” 

Mary of Joseph, Mother of the Son of God, A.D. 5