Though at times women have been overlooked in certain annals of history, we know and understand that overlooked does not mean undervalued.  That God has chosen to use women at every twist and  turn of His grand narrative communicates loudly and clearly of His plan to create a heart in woman who would touch lives and impact the culture.

With righteous indignation, some feminists insist that the Bible degrades women, but the very clear, simple truth is that the Bible esteems women beautifully.  The heroines of Scripture – from Old Testament prophetesses to New Testament teachers and supporters of Jesus are painted in tones of strength, influence, character, and tenacity.   And the most telling choice of all – God sent His son to live upon the earth under the care of a Mother, Mary of Nazareth.

My dear friend and a heroine of the faith, Vonette Bright, co-founded Campus for Christ with her husband, Bill.  Untold millions have heard the Gospel and been resourced with reading materials and Jesus films as a result of their life long work.  Her accomplishments would take the day to proclaim, but I love the story of how Vonette worked, prayed and persisted for 14 years until on May 8, 1988 she stood next to President Ronald Reagan as he signed Public Law 100-307, declaring the first Thursday in May as the annual National Day of Prayer in America.  She still believes that the heart of a woman can change the world.

History confirms that God has always used a woman.  We were created by His own hand (Gen 2) to be active, compassionate participants in His reach of love to all people.  There really is no such thing as a “Plain Jane!”